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Become professional with us

Education is the most powerful tool you can use to become more successful and more satisfied with who you are. Robologic group cares not only about the quality of the services we provide, but also about the quality of the professional life of our employees. This is why the personal and professional development of those with whom we work side by side every day is so important to us

Why should you choose Robologic group academy?

Job guarantee

After successful completion of the training we usually offer to join our team

Real projects

You can hone the mastered skills in practice working in real projects

Personal mentor

Our specialist will always be with you to help you cope with any tasks

Modern professions

We offer to master the most popular and modern technologies

professional courses

PLC Programmer

  • Learn to operate industrial equipment
  • 2 month
  • Job guarantee

Robot Programming

  • The art of controlling industrial robots
  • 2 month
  • Job guarantee

laboratory of industrial robots

Robot KUKA KR16

Robot ABB IRB6600

Robot KUKA KR125

PLC Training Stands

Industrial robots

Industrial robot – the most reliable unit of modern production equipment. The use of robots for material handling, loading and unloading of trucks, palletizing, spot welding, welding in shielding gas environment allows to modernize the company and significantly reduce production costs.

Getting your trainings in our laboratory you can gain knowledge about:

  • Industrial robot manufacturers and market innovations
  • The main technical specifications, components, functions, connection and control principles
  • Principles of operation of robots and programs
  • Robot programming and basic movements

if you are interested or you still have questions

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